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Reviving history at Château Saint-Joseph

April 2, 2022

As far as I can remember, I have always been passionate about the history of France. I never liked the battle story, the successions of dates, but I liked to imagine the lives lived by the great and the humble of this world, my imagination liked to paint in the smallest details, their dresses, their cottages, their home, their stories. I voraciously read thousands of books of literature, history because they took me far away to a bygone era for which I felt, for some reason, a deep nostalgia.

My favorite period is undoubtedly the 19th century. I find it fascinating how in such a short time two worlds can be totally different. Beautiful dresses, charming hairstyles, elegance, courtesy, moral and religious values, culture, respect fascinate me. I believe I would have liked so much to be born and live in the 19th century.

Chance does not exist, we became owners of this magnificent castle, built in 1879. The first thing that was close to my heart was to revive this magnificent period and to organize a historical reconstitution. This was done in July 2021. I then contacted Aurélie from J’ai 2 amoursevents (@jai2amoursevents) to co-organize with me a historic event and an editorial shoot at the same time. The idea was to take advantage of the presence of an association of history and historical costume enthusiasts Historia Tempori (@historiatempori) to bring the Belle Époque back to life.

We were inspired by impressionist paintings with the wonderful photographer Andreas K Georgiou (@andreaskgeorgiou) to capture the spirit of this era and the art of living in the countryside in a Haussmannian castle. Or how to combine elegance and a chic country spirit. The floral art was entrusted to Laetitia Clément (@laetitiaclement_floraldesigner), the filming to Laurent Rostaing (@laurentrostaing).

The members arrived, took their places in their apartments and rooms and then, dressed in their finery, went down to welcome the magnificent newlyweds who went up the majestic driveway of the castle in a Victorian horse-drawn carriage. To celebrate the joy of reunion, a delicious afternoon tea party was served around a magnificent table set in the park. It was followed by a contest of elegance where everyone had to give the ribbon of the most beautiful toilet, the most beautiful hairstyle and the most beautiful headgear. Then it was followed by a blind man’s bluff, a game of croquet, affected ways behind the fans then frenzied quadrilles in the orangery.

At nightfall, a grand ball was preceded by a country banquet, in front of the chapel. The opportunity to get to know each other better and to discover a very incredible coincidence…without knowing that it was them, we had already seen certain members of the association, in Palermo, during a historic ball which we had attended, in a large and beautiful historic hotel where we were staying. We had kept a dazzling memory of this reconstruction and wanted to rediscover the sensations felt at that time, by organizing the same event at the Château. Little did we know…

The costumes worn at the castle date from the time of construction of the castle and go up to 1900 for some. This event that delights our hearts and our eyes is only the first of many reconstitutions.

I wish you all to marvel, to dream and to be passionate about history.

– Delphine

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