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L’Or-Kina Sabatier Maison Cabanel *(3cl) 9 €

Exceptional liqueur, made from Minervois white wine, orange flowers and peel, chamomile bud, lemon zest, accompanied by “pebradous” from Limoux.

Elixir of youth La Micheline - Maison Cabanel *(3cl) 9 €

Declared “Queen of liqueurs” at the Universal Exhibition of 1900, “the only one that flatters the palate and fills the mouth with delight”! The Micheline is prepared with lemon balm, nutmeg, cardamom and more than ten plants and spices.

Pastis Maison Cabanel * (3cl) 8 €

An exceptional pastis, distilled in Carcassonne.

Maison Cabanel mint cream *(3cl) 8€

A succulent mint nectar, a little happiness that can be enjoyed chilled with ice cubes.

Lemon cream Maison Cabanel * (3cl) 8 €

A lemon nectar, fine, sweet and delicate, to drink plain with a little ice.

Cocktails du Château

Cocktail Delicate Violet* (20cl) 12 €

Delicate Maison Cabanel violet liqueur combined with a Chardonnay AOP Malepère.

Cocktail Tangerine 1879 (20cl) 12 €

Subtle blend of Maison Cabanel mandarin cream, gold medal, a very fresh Chardonnay, a touch of agave syrup and grapefruit juice.

Cocktail d'Artagnan (20cl) 12 €

Combined with a Chardonnay AOP Malepère, this delicious blackberry cream with Armagnac, Maison Dupeyron, reveals an exceptional concentration of fruit which gives it a remarkable quality.

Gin & Tonic (20cl) 12 €

The recipe for Tanqueray Gin has been the same since 1832. It is based on three dominant hand-picked aromatics: Tuscan juniper, angelica root and coriander berries, a trio that gives Tanqueray a dry and fresh style infused with juniper scent. Paired with chilled Schweppes.

Cocktail Aude Libre (20cl) 12 €

Rhum l'Iroquois: A sweet and pleasant, gourmet rum, flavored with Ceylon cinnamon, bourbon vanilla and maple syrup from Quebec. Labeled AB, it is produced in Roquefort des Corbières (11) and is associated with very fresh coca-cola.


CIUTAT Blond* (33cl) 7 €

Very smooth and delicate. Perfect for a small aperitif in the sun, it will go very well with fish or delicate white meat.

CIUTAT Amber * (33cl) 7 €

A beautiful copper color, more full-bodied notes and a significant bitterness. Warm notes reminiscent of English red ales.

CIUTAT Brown * (33cl) 7 €

Creamy foam. Bitterness brought by the roasting of the beans. A light brown beer for all seasons.


Black Mountain Whiskey n°1 Excellence * (3cl) 15 €

Awarded the best European blend, and produced in the Montagne Noire, it offers connoisseurs a rich, complex and multi-faceted taste experience. In the mouth: We feel a nice balance between caramel and cocoa.

Black Mountain Whiskey Smoky Notes* (3cl) 12 €

Elected Best Blend of France. On the palate, first floral-fruity which carries the smoky notes towards toast and malt. Then vanilla, citrus, leather and subtle herbaceous notes.

Iroquois Rum Arranged with maple syrup ** (3cl) 12 €

A sweet and pleasant, gourmet rum, flavored with Ceylon cinnamon, bourbon vanilla and Quebec maple syrup. Labeled AB, it is produced in Roquefort des Corbières (11).

Gin: Tanqueray: London dry Gin (3cl) 12 €

The recipe for Tanqueray Gin has been the same since 1832. It is based on three dominant hand-picked aromatics: Tuscan juniper, angelica root and coriander berries, a trio that gives Tanqueray a dry and fresh style infused with juniper scent. Distilled 4 times, this recipe is a must for purity and balance!

Bas Armagnac Château de Millet, XO 25 years old (3cl) 19 €

Mahogany gold color. Rich nose of dried fruits and cooked prunes. The palate is complex and velvety, supported by notes of toasted hazelnuts. The finish has a lot of substance and ends on a very nice length. This Hors d'Age is the alliance of the best Millet Armagnacs aged in barrels for 15 to 25 years.

Bas Armagnac Maison Castarède x Château Saint-Joseph (3cl) 25 €

Founded in 1832, Maison Castarède is the oldest Maison in Armagnac. Blend of two vintages aged in oak barrels. Delicate nose of fresh prune and vanilla with a hint of hazelnut - Golden color. Young, lively palate - Good length.

champagnes & sparkling

Blanquette de Limoux demi-brut * (75cl) 28 €

Local speciality, par excellence, the blanquette de Limoux is vinified according to the so-called traditional method. It contains a minimum of 90% Mauzac and a maximum of 10% Chardonnay and/or Chenin harvested by hand.

Duchêne duck (75cl) 75 €

Ruinart (75cl) 125 €

Dom Perignon (75cl) 195 €

white wines


"A formidable Picpoul of gluttony and magnificent ambassador of the appellation", Guide Hachette des Vins 2022
When tasting this Picpoul de Pinet 2020, let be transported by the intensity and the fresh citrus aromas of this cuvée made between the scrubland and the pine forests. A Mediterranean identity within this bottle which fully expresses its flavors by coating the palate with fresh, slightly acidic notes: typical of this terroir wine.


100% Viognier, North Rhodanian style. In this cuvée, the grape variety expresses itself fully in a register of exotic fruits, candied citrus fruits, peach-apricot. Gourmet mouth on dried fruits.


Resulting from a rigorous parcel selection of Chardonnay, the night harvest of this variety allows to preserve all the freshness of the juices and to avoid any oxidation. This single-varietal Chardonnay cuvée reveals buttery, hazelnut, exotic notes, with a finish of dried fruits on the palate. Ample and persistent, this wine will go perfectly for an aperitif or throughout the meal to accompany fish dishes in sauce. A delight at a mini price!


With its fruit galore and its thirst-quenching freshness, this Muscat de Rivesaltes literally dazzled us at the tasting with the accuracy of its balance. Elegant from the attack to the finish, warm in the soul thanks to its pleasant power, ideally lively thanks to its citrus notes, Grain de Vigne is a treat that goes well with all kinds of dishes: aperitifs, foie gras , blue cheeses, fruit desserts, etc. A Languedoc wine that achieves a faultless result ! A curiosity to discover without delay for all lovers of sweet white wine.

Vendéole 2020 - Des Filles Dans le Vent Sauvignon (75cl) 24€

Vendéole 2020 - Chardonnay (75cl) 30 € 

Vendéole 2020 - Chardonnay Réserve (75cl) 38 €

 Vendéole 2020 - Pinot Gris (75cl) 30 € 

rosé wines


A rosé of pure pleasure, a blend of the best grape varieties with a joyful character. The female sex adores it for its sweet and greedy charm; men succumb to its naughty notes. Tourmaline dress. Nose: Gourmand on candy, small red fruits. A tender, drinkable rosé, with a pleasant aromatic simplicity. Triple gold medal.

DUNE GRIS DE GRIS 2021 (75cl) 32 € or (12cl) 9 €

Dune is a rosé that pays homage to the maritime terroir, hence its name, which refers to the sand in which the vines are planted. This rosé, full of freshness and finesse, reveals the know-how of the winegrowers who knew how to tame this delicate and unique terroir. Hachette***


Miraflors, presented in a pretty bottle closed with a recyclable glass stopper, attracts us with a beautiful seductive salmon color. On the nose, it gives off intense aromas of red fruits (raspberry, strawberry) relayed by wilder notes of iris and currant for an immediate sensation of freshness. On the palate: fruits and spices. Lively in attack with a nice roundness in the finish. Parker 90/100, Jancis Robinson 16.5, Decanter 92/100, Top 100 South of France UK.


Rosé Prestige 2020: a complete, gastronomic wine, which marvelously combines elegance, balance and fruit. An effective rosé, which can be consumed throughout the year, hard to resist ! Generous palate with notes of tangy fruit. Pleasure, thirst-quenching wine for all times.

 Vendéole 2021 - Le Rosé de Vendéole Bouteille (75cl) 32 € 

red wines

SECRET OF SHALE 2018 - CHÂTEAU DE L'OU (75cl) 93 €

This cuvée comes from a terroir of mosaic schists located 325 meters above sea level. Evolving in the middle of the scrubland, the Syrah benefits from the freshness of summer nights to allow its grapes to ripen quietly and from the light and the wind to affirm the concentration of its aromas. With its notes of thyme, cistus, rosemary and violet, Secret de Schistes is reserved for exceptional moments and the tastiest gastronomy. Hachette ***, JD 95/100, Parker 94/100


A very open nose combining fruit (small tart red cherry fruits) and toasted nuances from aging. The mouth is ample and supple, warm, with a nice roundness and length in the mouth. Supported by just crunchy tannins, everything is delicious and convivial in this easy-to-access and generously fruity red. Hatchet***


With Montagne Noire du Château d’Auzias we have it all ! Its notes of black fruits and delicate spices perfectly complement this multi-award-winning little red wine from Languedoc. Balanced mouth with present tannins and a pleasant suppleness. Double gold medal.


This expressive and fruity Languedoc wine is coated with a beautiful and silky substance. Slightly woody without being too marked, it offers a rare complexity. Slender mouth, tense by a fine inflexible acidity, but coated by a round, velvety, charming substance. Tonic finish, with a material that is still gaining in concentration. Andreas Larson 91/100


Composed mostly of grapes from vines over forty years old, Les Darons (the Fathers in slang) lives up to its name ! Charming with its fruity and spicy nose, balanced and powerful, it has slightly toasted nuances (although aged in barrels) which bring a relief and a most appreciable generosity. A solid and confident wine for those who have enough bottles to appreciate the finer things in life ! Generous and round mouth, powerful and balanced.

Vendéole 2020 - Le Vent se Lève (75cl) 30 €

soft drinks

Glass of organic fruit juice (25cl) 3 €

Orange, grapefruit, multifruit, grape or apple.

Lemonade - Limonaderie de Fontestorbes * (25cl) 4 €

It's a real leap into the past that we offer you with this lemonade from Fontestorbes ! The recipe has been passed down from manufacturer to manufacturer since 1885: a concentrate of authenticity in this low-sweetened drink, with just the ingredients necessary for its manufacture.

Lemonade Verbena - Limonaderie de Fontestorbes * (25cl) 4 €

A delicious artisanal verbena lemonade! These sodas are made on an artisanal scale in Ariège by the Limonaderie de Fontestorbes which uses water coming directly from the natural intermittent source of Fontestorbes!

Coke (25cl) 4 €

Soda with vegetable extracts, without caffeine. Lemony notes bring back childhood memories from the first sip.

Perrier (25cl) 4 €

The unbeatable cold drink served with (+1€) or without syrup.

Maison Meneau Sirup, (33cl) 3 €

Southwest Kiwi; green tea-peaches; mint-green tea; peach-apricots; Strawberry ; Cassis ; The opportunity to taste an exceptional syrup made from organic and fair trade fruits.

hot drinks

Coffee, freshly ground organic 4 €

Herbal tea and infusion Maison Dammann Frères 6 €

Exceptional herbal tea, infusion, rooibos or carcadet delicately assembled by the luxurious Maison Dammann Frères.

Night in Versailles

Bergamot, kiwi, yellow peach, orange blossom, violet blossom, all these scents and flavors cultivated with care and delicacy since the 17th century in the gardens of Versailles. These flavors associated with verbena and lime blossom, offer us a pleasantly scented herbal tea where vegetal, flowery and fruity notes mingle in a royal infusion.

Happy dreams

Lemongrass, star anise and rosehip are audaciously associated here in an infusion with the fresh, lively and fruity flavors of lemon and clementine. Also mixed with the sweet and woody note of vanilla, this infusion delivers a round and deliciously sweet cup reminiscent of a delicacy of boiled sugar.


Perennial plant cultivated especially in areas of Eastern Europe whose flowers are harvested from May to July. Its bright yellow infusion has a sweet and fruity taste with hints of pineapple.

Shepherd's herbal tea

Delicate, fragrant and aromatic, this cocktail of infusing plants brings together all the virtues of lime blossom, verbena, lemongrass, mint and orange blossom.


hot drinks

Raspberry Passion Carcadet

Hibiscus flower, rosehip bark, pieces of dried apple brought together in a flavored blend where the flavors of passion fruit and raspberry come together in a resolutely fruity drink.

Rooibos Carrot Cake

The warm and naturally honeyed notes of rooibos combine with flavors of spices and nuts to offer a round, velvety infusion that irresistibly evokes the gourmet flavor of American cake.

Dammann Frères House Tea 6 €

An exceptional tea to choose from in the “Palace” box bringing together 12 grands crus produced by the prestigious Maison Dammann Frères, since 1632.


The meeting of teas from Ceylon, Darjeeling and Assam.

Earl Gray Yin Zhen

A selection of fine black teas enriched with white tips, flower petals and flavored with bergamot from Calabria. The ideal balance of this superior Earl Gray will satisfy the most demanding.


Darjeeling summer tea, it mixes leaves from different gardens. Its infusion releases a well-balanced liqueur with a delicate flavor of almond and ripe peach.


hot drinks

Sencha Fukuyu

Sencha (teas shaped into flattened needles after steaming) are popular in Japan for their refreshing flavor. This summer harvest offers a cup with powerful vegetal notes and a fruity aroma with a slight bitterness.


Among the most famous Chinese compositions of flower teas, this jasmine tea offers a beautiful balance between a full-bodied green tea and the delicate sweetness of the scent of the white flower.

Green Sun

Green tea flavored with blood orange essential oil. A fresh and vegetal cup with pleasantly acidulous fruity notes.


Subtle balance of fresh, flowery and fruity notes for this delicately scented blend to be enjoyed all year round, both hot and iced: green tea and jasmine green tea, flower petals, aromas lychee, grapefruit, vine peach and rose.

Blue Garden

Appreciated for its fine balance and tasty fragrance, it delivers a velvety liqueur with the flavor of garden fruits, deliciously blending rhubarb, strawberry and wild strawberry.

Gourmet Poppy

Black teas mixed with flower petals, with poppy, biscuit and marzipan aromas. Sometimes boiled sugar candy, sometimes cakes from our grandmothers, it's hard to choose among its flavors, no matter what, this tea is a delight!


hot drinks

Passion for Flowers

The delicacy of white tea combined with the subtle aromas of rose, apricot and passion fruit. Enhanced with flower petals, this blend offers a fresh and fragrant cup.

Valrhona Viennese chocolate * 8 €

Valrhona grand cru chocolate, Ste Hildegarde spices (cinnamon, clove and nutmeg), fresh milk, whipped cream from Isigny, a gourmet delight that you never tire of.